Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Sydney

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Sydney

Frameless glass pool fencing has quickly become the number one choice in pool fencing across Sydney. With the ability to make an area look and feel more spacious without compromising on safety, glass pool fences are transforming homes and adding value to properties. 


The Glass Pool Fencing Experts

Having extensive experience in the fencing industry allows the team at KILR Glass & Fencing to provide our clients with an array of choices, from core drilled to deck mounted spigots, channel fixed to side-mounted stand-off fixtures or even a combination, depending on the desired aesthetic.

Contact the team at KILR Glass & Fencing will discuss a range of options with you and ensure a tailored approach to fit your specific needs.

Glass Pool Fencing

KILR Glass & Fencing specialise in the installation of frameless glass pool fencing.

Glass Balustrades

KILR Glass & Fencing also install glass balustrades including custom stair balustrades.

Privacy Screening and Gates

KILR Glass & Fencing offer a range of privacy screening and gates to suit your personal needs.

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