Aluminium Tubular Fencing

Aluminium Tubular Fencing – An Alternative

Whilst frameless glass fencing has become the number one choice, there is still a place for aluminium tubular pool fencing for a number of reasons. Apart from being a more cost-effective option, in certain circumstances, aluminium tubular pool fencing can also prove to be a more practical option. 

KILR Glass & Fencing are pleased to be able to offer a range of services and have the ability to install tubular fencing if that is what you require. With a range of colours available, and being low maintenance and weatherproof, aluminium can sometimes be a more appealing option for clients.

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Glass Pool Fencing

KILR Glass & Fencing specialise in the installation of frameless glass pool fencing.

Glass Balustrades

KILR Glass & Fencing also install glass balustrades including custom stair balustrades.

Privacy Screening and Gates

KILR Glass & Fencing offer a range of privacy screening and gates to suit your personal needs.

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